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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bettys Macaroons

Being an afternoon tea loving girl from Yorkshire I'm a regular in Bettys tearooms, whether the occassion is dinner for two or tea with a group of my friends.

lemon, raspberry, pistachio and chocolate
Bettys recently added macaroons to their tempting menu of handmade treats and I picked up a box last week!

As expected they were completely delicious, I think handmade macaroons from Bettys are my new edible weakness! A box of these delightful treats would be the perfect gift!

Almost too pretty to eat!
You can pick up a box of six macaroons from Bettys for £7.50. Which sweet treats have you been indulging in lately?



  1. I too am macaron crazy! mmmmmmmmmmmm

    The box kinda sorta reminds me of a Laduree box .

  2. Those look divine! :)I'd of scoffed through them in 5 seconds

  3. I had no idea Bettys did macaroons. I'm always in York, so I'll have to lay my hands on some.

  4. I tried making my own back along, they turned out awful! Nowhere near me makes macaroons, it sucks! xx

  5. Searching for a photo of Bettys macaroons, I chanced across this lovely post, and took the liberty of using the your first image on my own post about these lovely treats. You have of course been credited, but do let me know if you'd rather I removed it!
    Following this blog now, as well :)