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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Home is where my cushions are!

Hi girls! If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen me twittering on about moving house for the last week or so, I'm now in my lovely new apartment, quite a lot of my life is still in boxes but it's definitely feeling like home! One thing that I had to unpack straight away was my cushions so I could get them on my Lazy Boy sofas (which I LOVE!). Us girls love our cushions and I thought I'd show you some of mine!

On this sofa I have two 'Value Cream Cushions' from Homebase, £4.99 each and  two 'Luxury Velvet Stripe Cushions' in Chocolate also from Homebase, £16.99 each.

There's a regal touch with this gorgeous 'Henry Crown Embroidered Cream Cushion' from my Laura Ashley, £36

On this sofa, I have two more of those fab 'Value Cream Cushions' from Homebase £4.99 and I'm flying the flag with a Union Jack cushion from Past Times. I don't think this is available any more but they have similar designs on their website. I love a spot of heritage!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at what I've got in the new pad! Do you love cushions as much as me? It's a girl thing!



  1. Your flat's looking good! I love seeing posts like this. I'm in the process of moving to Yorkshire with my fella so I'll be trimming down my stash of home trinkets soon. I don't think his flat can accommodate all my junk x

  2. I love loads of cushions, hope you had an easy relatively stress free move xxx

  3. looks very comfi <3
    x the cookies