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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lakeland Cupcake Maker

Hi girls! I've had lots of questions and comments about the new cupcake maker which I recieved as a very exciting Christmas present from my mother so I thought I would devote a whole post to it!

The maker comes in a pretty box adorned with charming vintage-style photographs. 

The maker itself is a pretty addition to your home with its pastel shades and floral detail and it's small enough for the cosiest of kitchens! This cute little gadget takes a few minutes to heat up then you can magic up your tasty treats!

After creating your mixture you pop your paper or silicone cases into the cupcake maker, pour your mixture in and close the lid. The maker claims to cook your baked goodies in just 8 minutes but I found after checking the cupcakes after 8 minutes they sometimes needed a couple more minutes to cook through properly.

You have to take care removing your resulting cupcakes from the maker but they are the nicest I have ever made, they're light and springy absolutely divine! They're totally evenly cooked, although very pale, and perfectly shaped thanks to the mould in the lid of the maker. The mixture doesn't spill over your cases so the cupcakes look beautiful each time. I would recommend this to anyone especially baking novices! You can pick this up in Lakeland for £40.99.

What do you think girls?



  1. That is so cute I want one =] bad for people on diets though ha-ha Mmmmm I want a cupcake now yummy =]
    Great post =]

  2. How cute!
    I'm glad you decided to start another blog, May! Look forward to reading your ramblings =)

  3. Glitterifictinkerbel, Thanks lovely! Not so good for diets, naughty but nice!

    Kim, Thanks so much honey, thanks for following the new blog!


  4. I think these makers are so cute - but I think I would much rather make proper cupcakes in the oven!