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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Patriotic Purses - Flying the Flag!

Hi girls! I have a penchant for Union Flags on bags so I thought I'd show you three of my favourites today!

This small, hard cased clutch bag has special memories for me as I picked it up in the TopShop on Oxford Street on one of my jaunts to London with The Chap! It's ideal when I don't need to take much else with me except my mobile phone and lippie du jour!

I bought this sequin clutch from Accessorize to go with an LBD for my sister's graduation.

It's quite long and roomy and Accessorize often have this bag in, in various colours.

At the moment they have a line of 'Floral Union Jack' bags and accessories, I love this weekender bag which is £40.00 which you can order from their website.

Finally I was kindly given this fair-trade, handmade, raffia bag when I attended Batiste's Vintage Tea Party last month. It's very casual and I use this as a little shopping bag alongside my usual handbag. You can get these from The Bag Ladies for £20.

So ladies, are you partial to a spot of patriotism in your accessories?



  1. I looove the second handbag from the bottom....wasn't at all surprised by the fact it's from Accessorize...I can spot one of their bags at 50 paces, usually when I'm not even trying...on your blog, women passing on the street, it's kinda scary :P But that bag is so lush, I want it now!!

  2. I love the first bag, so cute x

  3. I have the last bag, I love it so much! I cannot wait for the sun to shine to wear it with a brilliant white T shirt and dark blue jeans :-)

  4. love the clutch!!